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Automatic Cooling Bed Manufacturers

Steefo Engineering Corporation is one of the highly reputed automatic cooling bed manufacturers in India. These cooling beds are of a high quality always and are primarily utilized to provide uniform cooling of the TMT bars. They are also meant to transport these bars in a phased manner.

The automatic cooling beds are meant only to carry a standard number of TMT bars for final length cutting. The mechanism of these beds is such that bars are positioned in a uniform manner on top of the toothed racks. Each bed is designed keeping in mind the minimum and maximum sizes of TMT bars.

Steefo as an automatic cooling bed exporter

Due to our vast knowledge in this field, we also export automatic cooling beds to USA, UK, Australia and other parts of the world. For this, maintaining uniform standards of quality across the cooling bed manufacturing process is very important. We have the necessary skills and infrastructure to maintain the same standards of quality.

Salient features of automatic cooling beds

The following are the main features of cooling beds, some of which are already mentioned above:

  • Designed exactly as per requirements in the plant
  • Transports the finished product in a sequential manner from entry into cooling bed until it reaches the discharge side
  • Superior mechanism to ensure that bars are always present uniformly over the racks
  • Cooling beds are capable of running at different temperatures, as per the variable requirements of bars

Both automatic as well as twin channel cooling beds are available in the market. In the case of the latter, temperatures have to be manually fixed in the device. However, this regulation is automatic in the case of the former. Our high value clients demand only the automatic cooling bed, which is why we stock the same and not the other. However, you may find other companies which look to sell both.

As you can see, quality is of paramount importance while rolling out products in this segment. Therefore, always make sure that you choose the best equipment from Steefo Engineering Corporation. Come join us to take your iron or steel business to the next level.